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Ruah Manifesto

Ruah Manifesto

Everything we do – who we are and the way we work – is underpinned by the Ruah Manifesto.

It is a philosophy that encompasses where we have been and where we want to go in the future. It is our mandate and how we measure our success.

We believe we are all better off, as a community, as a society, if we are all connected. We need the disconnected and the vulnerable as they need us. They are us. We, but for advantages of birth or circumstance, are them – human hearts, in need of human connection and meaning in their lives. There is more that unites us than divides us, yet the most disadvantaged are stigmatised, without a voice for change.

Change does not come easily. We take our legacy and inspiration from the bold, courageous women who came before us, doing what nobody else dared. Not because it was asked of them but because it was right and it was needed. Today Ruah will not meander in our pursuit of measurably transforming lives. We go boldly toward not just helping people experiencing homelessness but ending homelessness. Ending domestic violence. Changing the lives and creating opportunities for those experiencing mental health issues. We choose to work with the most vulnerable, the most challenged – because it’s difficult, because this makes a difference.

What we fulfill in our clients, we nourish in ourselves. By wrapping around our clients, we navigate the system or change it, based on what they need, on their terms. We keep moving, we overcome the complex, change the rules, challenge the systems. Ruah delivers not just what clients expect but what clients deserve. And they deserve what you deserve.

Open your heart. Embolden your stride. Ruah