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Ruah’s Brand Story

Ruah’s Brand Story

Ruah. Walking With you.

Discover Ruah’s new look!

Over the past year, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey to refresh Ruah’s brand. Our goal was simple yet profound: to ensure our brand reflects the heart and soul of Ruah, capturing the essence of our One Ruah Service Model and uniting our diverse service areas. Ruah is bold, daring, and inclusive. To visually convey these qualities, we’ve created a brand identity that’s vibrant, colourful, and expressive. Welcome to the revived Ruah. Ruah Group Logo

Ruah’s new brandmark 

To create a brand mark that truly embodies Ruah, we embarked on a collaborative journey with local Digital Artist and Designer Buffie Punch, a proud Noongar Yorga woman from Buffie Creative, and Nik Gall of Propeller Brands.  We started with our Manifesto, the heart and soul of Ruah. It is a philosophy that encompasses where we have been and where we want to go in the future. It is our mandate and how we measure our success.   The process involved the wisdom of our Cultural Integration Executive, Gail Beck, and our Cultural Advice and Employment Officer, Murray Riley. Alongside them, the Ruah Board and Executives contributed their insights to ensure our logo would carry the spirit of Ruah.  We didn’t stop there. To grasp the true essence of Ruah, we engaged with our dedicated employees from across all service areas. Their voices echoed with common phrases that define Ruah: “we walk alongside our clients,” “we offer a wrap-around service,” and “we are client-led.”  This collective effort has culminated in a logo that captures what Ruah stands for.   

The story behind the new U 

  1. People – it symbolises both the individuals we serve and those who provide these important services. 
  2. Human Connection – it reflects our commitment to walking alongside the clients we serve. 
  3. Wrap-around service – it signifies collaboration across all our service areas, ensuring comprehensive care and support for those we serve. 
  4. Inclusivity – we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusion across all areas of Ruah. 


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