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Mental health legal services

The Mental Health Law Centre provides free advice and representation for people with legal problems directly related to their mental health challenges.

Mental health legal services

The MHLC is Western Australia’s first and only specialist mental health legal service – an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has been operating for more than 20 years. The service merged with Ruah in 2019 and is now a vital part of the innovative and holistic support system available to our clients.

The MHLC advocates on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged people with mental health challenges and who often face serious injustice and discrimination in our legal system. MHLC assists people who are:

  • involuntary patients under the Western Australian Mental Health Act 2014
  • voluntary patients in psychiatric hospitals or community mental health services

The MHLC works in very specific areas of the law. We don’t handle all legal matters but we can assist with:

  • proceedings before the Mental Health Tribunal
  • criminal matters and Magistrates’ Court
  • guardianship and administration issues
  • responding to Restraining Order Applications

Visit the Mental Health Law Centre website for more information.

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