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Climbing mountains to a new life

If there is one thing that Tinashe has learned about herself during COVID-19, is that she truly is a people person and someone who knows the importance of open communication.

When initially advised to work from home as the pandemic unfolded, Tinashe felt saddened that she wouldn’t be physically working alongside her team, but by implementing some virtual communication tools and making some changes to her working from home environment, her positivity was back.

“Face your fears and know that you can go on to live loving and fulfilling lives beyond the mountain before you.”

“I moved my home office from my kitchen to my outdoor alfresco with a view of the garden and to the sound of birds chirping. The change in how I was feeling was almost immediate”, explained Tinashe.

This is not the first time Tinashe has demonstrated her positive attitude. One of Ruah’s passionate domestic violence advocates as well as an author, motivational speaker and worship leader, Tinashe has proved that one should never give up the hope of pursuing their dreams, no matter how difficult their life is at the time.

Back in 2004, Tinashe moved to Perth from Zimbabwe to further her studies. It was during this time that Tinashe met her abuser.

“I was young and didn’t know the difference between a good and bad relationship, I thought those many calls a day, with the endless ‘where are you? what are you doing?’ questions, was love”, she said.

For three years, Tinashe kept silent, subjected to daily abuse from her controlling and manipulative partner. Like many who have been in her situation, she tried to leave but would always find herself going back to the relationship.

“I take myself back to the day when my final cry for help came. I overdosed on some tablets. I was taken to hospital and this was the start of getting the help I needed to leave.

“When the abuse started, I didn’t know of the services available for people going through domestic violence and abuse. We perish because of the lack of knowledge,” Tinashe said.

Tinashe has now shaped a new life for herself. After completing her studies, she is now a Senior Circulation Coordinator for a media company and is also happily married.

“Above all else, I am a passionate advocate who was reborn in order to raise the curtain and start the conversation by breaking down the walls of silence and educating men, women and youth about domestic violence.

“Silence breeds violence so if people feel someone is being abused and they don’t know what to do, they can share inspiring books, poems, or videos and sow the seed,” she explained.

Reflecting on her relationship and knowing what she knows now, Tinashe is all too aware that during this time of isolation, those people who are currently living in a home with domestic violence will be feeling anxious and uncomfortable.

“My advice is to any family and friends who suspect anything to drop over some of those essential items that are hard to come by, like rice, pasta or tissues and check they are okay.

“For anyone going through the abuse, know that community services like Ruah are still there for you and if you are feeling suffocated, now is the time to take that step and get out,” Tinashe advised.

Tinashe is now back working in the office after her role was classified as ‘essential’ and acknowledges how the support and flexibility of her employer has really helped her through these challenging times.

And in one piece of final advice, Tinashe wants to share this…

“Face your fears and know that you can go on to live loving and fulfilling lives beyond the mountain before you.”

To read more about Tinashe or purchase her book ‘Greener Pastures Beyond Mt. Abuse’ which exposes and starts the conversation on things that happen behind closed doors with abuse and violence, visit here.