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Journey to independence

For more than 20 years Kylie had been addicted to a pharmacy of drugs, from cigarettes to methamphetamines. Arriving at Kambarang Place to escape domestic violence, Kylie also wanted to escape her drug dependency.

With the help of Kambarang Place’s dedicated drug and alcohol case worker, Kylie started on the path to being drug-free, taking the steps to beat her addiction.

Staying at Kambarang Place for 10 weeks, Kylie was supported in her quest to give up her daily methamphetamine use and quit her 20-year marijuana and cigarette habit. With her specialist case worker by her side, Kylie had the tools she needed to identify the relapse risks and develop harm minimisation strategies.

Taking an individual approach to her journey, Kylie was provided with tailored intervention services including screening for alcohol and drug issues, drug education and specialist referrals. One referral was to Palmerston Association, where Kylie worked with an alcohol and other drug counsellor. Meeting daily, they discussed Kylie’s progress in getting clean and preparing for a drug-free life.

The team at Kambarang Place also ensured that, when Kylie’s stay at the refuge ended, she moved into long-term transitional housing and continued to work with Palmerston.

The road away from drug addiction is rarely easy but, with Ruah’s help, Kylie is on the path to recovery and a life free from abuse.