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Safeguarding Children & Young People

Our commitment to safeguarding children & young people.

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Safeguarding Children & Young People

Ruah is committed to safeguarding children and young people, and their right to feel safe and be safe across all areas of our organisation.

Our pledge is to keep them safe from harm, so they have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

We do this by ensuring that:

  • We have the structures, policies, procedures, practices, and culture in place to safeguard children and young people from harm, neglect, and abuse, putting children and young people at the centre of our decision making.
  • Each person involved in the delivery of services to children and young people understands their role, and behaviour we expect in safeguarding children and young people from abuse and neglect.
  • We have robust recruitment and screening processes in place to minimise the likelihood that we will recruit a person who is unsuitable to work with children and young people.
  • Our people will receive compulsory Safeguarding Children and Young People training relevant to their role.
  • We will develop safe, inclusive, and supporting environments by involving and listening to the voices of children and young people, their families, and communities.
  • Our people understand their responsibilities to respond to and report safety concerns, disclosures, and allegations.

Ruah is working towards being formally accredited as a Safeguarding Children organisation with the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2024.


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