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FRINGE WORLD 2023 has come to a close, though the excitement the festival has brought us is still very present for us all at Ruah!

Earlier this year, Ruah was named FRINGE WORLD’s 2023 Charity partner, focusing on raising funds and awareness surrounding homelessness in Western Australia, and what we can all do to help support some of our community’s most vulnerable. 

“There is no them, only us” was our theme at FRINGE this year, with a compelling message that ‘anyone can be #onthefringe of experiencing homelessness’.

As part of our partnership with Fringe, was the Ruah Community Weekend from February 2nd to February 5th. Our very own Ruah employees from across our services, put up their hands to volunteer over the weekend, raising funds and spreading the word about the vital work Ruah does. They did us all proud, and by the end of the weekend, Ruah had raised a total of $8,536.30!

Click HERE to watch a recap of the fun we had across the weekend!

The community weekend kicked off with a special screening of Tim Winton’s new film Blueback at the Rooftop Cinemas. Before the film, Ruah had an opportunity to screen our  “This is My Story” video – highlighting the lived experience of two brave women, and past clients of Ruah’s, who chose to tell their story. The video was screened across the weekend at Rooftop Movies before their scheduled programming.

Click on the link below to watch the full video:

Throughout the festival, Ruah also had its very own “Community Corner” located in The Pleasure Garden. The tower and tables displayed the many faces and stories of Ruah, and highlighted some of our advocates personal lived experiences with homelessness.

Our first year partnering with FRINGE WORLD was a huge success, and a whole lot of fun! A huge highlight for our Volunteers was several past Ruah clients coming to us and saying things like ‘Ruah helped me when I was at my lowest point’. To see them put money into our tins, supporting people who may be experiencing what they did in the past, was just an incredible moment for our team and the reason we do what we do.

THANK YOU to each and every person that supported Ruah throughout FRINGE WORLD 2023! Whether it was making a donation, engaging with our volunteers, sitting in the community corner, or donating your cup into the purple bins at the end of the night… we appreciate you!

We look forward to doing it all again next year as we partner with FRINGE WORLD 2024 to continue to raise much needed funds, and spread Ruah’s story.