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FRINGE WORLD Festival and Ruah Community Services Unite for a Second Year

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of a meaningful partnership between ARTRAGE, the organisation behind FRINGE WORLD Festival, and Ruah Community Services.  

For the second consecutive year, we are joining forces to raise crucial funds in support of Ruah’s vital services. 

This year’s collaboration takes on a special focus by shedding light on the collective effort needed to eliminate Family and Domestic Violence (FDV). Introducing the inspiring “What’s Your Piece” campaign, we aim to engage individuals in contemplating their role in ending FDV, emphasising that even small actions can create a significant impact.  

In a powerful video features influential leaders, and was first unveiled by Ruah in November 2023 for 16 Days in WA, a campaign that raises awareness of family and domestic violence.  

Jo Thomas, CEO of ARTRAGE, underscores the importance of this collaboration and the profound impact of Ruah’s work:

“Partnering with Ruah Community Services allows us to raise awareness and funds to support Ruah’s commitment to working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people in WA. This year’s emphasis on family and domestic violence is crucial as it highlights the collective responsibility we all share in creating a safer community.” 

Throughout the upcoming 2024 FRINGE WORLD Festival, we have planned various awareness activations, including the Ruah Community Weekend from February 2nd to 4th, 2024. Over this weekend, we will feature a Rooftop Movies screening and multiple public donation points across the festival site. The Ruah Community Corner will also be present at The Pleasure Garden, providing awareness and education to FRINGE WORLD attendees. Festival-goers will have the opportunity to contribute to Ruah by donating when purchasing tickets via the box office, website, or FRINGE WORLD app over the fundraising weekend. Building on the success of last year, where over $10,000 was raised, we are eager to surpass this milestone. 

This enduring partnership exemplifies the shared dedication of FRINGE WORLD Festival and Ruah to amplify awareness and drive meaningful change for those experiencing family and domestic violence in Western Australia. 

For support related to homelessness, family and domestic violence, or mental health challenges, please contact 13 Ruah (13 78 24), Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4 pm