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New trauma-informed program for children and young people escaping violence announced during #16DaysinWA

Ruah is pleased to have been one of the recipients of the State Government’s $3 million Family and Domestic Violence Primary Prevention Grants program announced during 16 Days in WA. Our grant will enable us to design and deliver a trauma-informed program of Respectful Relationships Education for children and young people who have experienced family and domestic violence (FDV).

This is an important and exciting opportunity to work together with parents, children and young people to co-design a program specially tailored for families who have been impacted by FDV. Importantly, it will help to break the cycle of domestic violence in families.

The announcement came during an action-packed 16 Days in WA campaign at Ruah.

This year we asked our community to “Make it your business to make the violence stop”.

One in three women has experienced gender-based violence, meaning this issue is relevant to all of us.  It’s in our homes, our workplaces, and the wider community.

If we are to make an impact towards lasting change, we all must make it our business to make the violence stop.

We supported our teams, corporate supporters and community members to take those crucial first steps towards “making it their business” by sending out kits complete with stickers and selfie cards providing ideas on how to be a good ally and other resources to learn more about family and domestic violence in our community. We loved the responses we received back!

We also let our silence do the talking at the 32nd Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March honouring the victims of domestic homicide in WA. What an impact our Bold Strides team made with our matching shirts and placards!

Every day for over 60 years Ruah has been supporting women and children escaping domestic violence, providing them with safe places to heal, and assisting them to access the services and justice they need to rewrite their future.

We’re making it our business to make the violence stop. What will you do?