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One ID at a time

Following on from the success of the Super ID Clinic held during Homelessness Week 2020, the Ruah Centre has again brought together representatives from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Justices of the Peace, Mental Health Law Centre and the Department of Communities to provide the opportunity for people experiencing homelessness to be guided through the process of obtaining proof of identification and applying for a priority housing listing.

Many of those who are sleeping rough have issues with lost or stolen documentation, and when faced with the task of negotiating through a series of appointments with different agencies to get an ID or apply for a house, it simply becomes too difficult when also faced with realities of being homeless.

The latest Super ID Clinic achieved the following outcomes, giving housing hope to many of Perth’s homeless:

  • 100 birth certificates issued
  • 38 housing appointments
  • 59 photo identifications issued
  • 37 birth certificate certifications

The next Super ID Clinic is scheduled for Monday 14 December.

To hear more about the important work Ruah is doing to tackle the challenges of homelessness, visit our housing and homelessness page.