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Pregnancy and Homelessness focus for Parity

Ruah was proud to author an article in the latest issue of Parity: Australia’s national homelessness publication published by the Council to Homeless Persons. The July issue focussed on Pregnancy and Homelessness.

We like to think of pregnancy as a time of nurturing and self-care, but sadly that is not the case for many women. Pregnant women experiencing homelessness are amongst the most vulnerable people in our community. All too often they are fleeing family or intimate partner violence, and we know that the family violence incidents often increase when a woman is pregnant.

Among the many articles in the July issue, sharing stories of the extent and impact of homelessness on pregnant women and their unborn children, you’ll find Cate Pattison’s article: “Confessions, Conflict and Credibility: A Perth Emergency Key Worker’s Experience Supporting Pregnant Women Sleeping Rough.”

The article follows Ruah Community Services Key Worker, Emma, as she starts a shift at the Safe Night Space for women, a service supporting women experiencing homelessness delivered by Ruah Community Services on behalf of the City of Perth.

Available between 7pm and 7am, Safe Night Space offers a shower, sofa or bean bag and if the donations come through, a hot meal to heat in the microwave. Most importantly, it offers some peace of mind for the women or visit, and a few hours blessed escape from the dangers of sleeping rough on the streets.

Emma’s story paints the picture of a typical night at the Safe Night Space and the challenges faced by the women who visit. It tells a story that is concerning and frustrating, but at the same time, inspiring and full of hope that with a little assistance from services such as Safe Night Space vulnerable women can access the support they need to stay safe and rebuild their lives off the streets.

Read Ruah’s engaging article in full.

Or follow the link to download the full issue of the Parity Pregnancy and Homelessness issue.