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Ruah says “YES” to marriage equality

On 15 August 2017 Ruah Community Services expressed a public commitment to creating an inclusive workplace for LGBTI+ staff and volunteers and reconfirmed our commitment to providing accessible, appropriate and quality service provision to members of the LGBTI+ community. We also called on all parties in the marriage equality debate to moderate their statements.

Today, Ruah Community Services calls on Australians to vote YES in the Marriage Equality Survey that was posted to households this week.

We make this request firm in our belief that continuing exclusion and discrimination are key contributing factors to poor mental health outcomes in the LGBTI+ Communities. We also draw on the legacy and inspiration of our bold and courageous founders, from as far back as the 17th century in doing what nobody else dared. Within our guiding manifesto, we find the following statement:

“We keep moving, we overcome the complex, change the rules, challenge the systems. Ruah delivers not just what clients expect but what clients deserve. And they deserve what you deserve”.

“Silence is not an option when the long-term wellbeing of a significant and valued community is at risk,” said Ms Debra Zanella, Ruah’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is a great example of where we need to change the rules and challenge the system to achieve sustainable outcomes for our clients.”

“For Ruah, our support for the YES campaign is how we demonstrate open hearts and bold strides.”

For the duration of the YES campaign, Ruah will incorporate the rainbow colours into its logo on its social media and web pages.