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50 Lives 50 Homes – the power of collective impact

I’ve got a roof over my head. It’s changed my world…  it’s something you wake up each day and you embrace it and it’s like, okay, today is a beautiful day because I don’t have to worry about where I’m gonna sleep or get a feed, and if I need assistance, it’s there”.

These words from one of the people supported by 50 Lives 50 Homes capture perfectly what it means to someone to have a safe place to call home, to have the support they need when they need it – and to no longer be sleeping rough.

We were incredibly proud to be joined by sector colleagues, government representatives, funders, frontline workers and some of the people who have been supported for the launch of the fourth and final 50 Lives 50 Homes evaluation report at a special breakfast event on 31 May.

At its inception, 50 Lives 50 Homes had the goal of housing 50 rough sleepers, and providing wrap-around support to assist them to sustain their tenancies. The initial target of 50 was achieved, through a collaborative effort of more than 30 participating sector partners, in the first year. The program went on to house 284 people over five years.

Ruah Community Services CEO, Debra Zanella said “None of this is easy or comfortable work. There is no escaping the data, and the fact that every number is a human being who, as the Ruah manifesto says ‘but for advantages of birth or circumstance, are us’. The data keeps us all honest and the ongoing frustration drives us harder in the quest to end homelessness”.

The legacy of 50 Lives 50 Homes lives on. Today the project, now known as Zero Project, has expanded beyond Perth and Fremantle to other regions in WA – Bunbury, Geraldton, Rockingham and Mandurah. We have reliable data for the first time. We have tested an effective new methodology and we know we can achieve long-lasting change.

Read the findings from the 50 Lives 50 Homes evaluation for yourself.

Watch the livestream recording of the presentation of the final 50 Lives 50 Homes Evaluation Report here.

You can also hear from Joe, Anthea, Shane and Tai about their 50 Lives 50 Homes experience in this video.