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Family violence – our advocates tell it like it is

Four of Ruah’s courageous My Story, My Time advocates have shared their responses to some of the questions women experiencing violence are commonly asked – or with which they’re confronted – to help inform, inspire and educate as many people as possible.

Tinashe, Kat, Azelene and Champo have all lived through the trauma of domestic violence and what they have to say is raw, honest and always inspiring.

Some of their responses will also be particularly confronting for anyone who is prone to victim blaming and ‘blind eye’ behaviour that allows family violence to continue.

Questions like ‘But what about the kids?’ and comments like ‘There are always two sides of the story aren’t there?’ were suggested by the advocates themselves, who said women often doubt themselves and may remain in a violent relationship for all the wrong reasons.

Others as simple as ‘Are you over it yet?’ and ‘How does it feel to be free?’ give these impressive women the chance to set the record straight and underline the long-term impacts of family violence, and the life-long road to recovery for survivors.

The four women featured in the video series come from very different backgrounds and have taken the bold step into the public spotlight to share their stories in the hope that their lived experience will help other people – whatever their circumstance – escape abuse and start to build a new life.

You can watch the videos here.

If you’re experiencing violence, please call 1800RESPECT, or 000 if you are in immediate danger.